About us

Here is a little bit about us, so you can get to know us.
I (Stephanie) am an American raised in Sweden. My husband Greg is Canadian. We met online and I moved to Canada. Our daughter Noëlle was born in Canada 2010 and we just had our little son Milo in Florida on New Years day 2012.

The business started as a small homebased business in 2008. I wanted to sell Canadian stamps to my fellow card makers in Sweden, so I created a webstore called "Motivet Rubberstamps" selling stamps to Scandinavia. The name "Motivet" is Swedish and means "the Motif".
In 2009 we did our first rubberstamp convention. It was a small 10x10 foot booth and we did it out of our little Volkswagen Jetta. We liked it and did a few more shows that year.

In 2010 we upgraded to a Dodge Grand Caravan and did a few more shows, at this time we brought our little daughter. We all really enjoyed life on the road and we started talking about maybe buying an RV.

We started the process to get Greg and Noëlle their Green Cards and in April 2011 we had sold our house and moved out of it. We spent some time abroad while waiting for the Green Cards to be done and in September 2011 we finally hit the road in our 40 foot 5th wheel. A year later, summer 2012 we decided that it is too much traveling for our little ones. We will stay on the road but will look for other things for income rather than the tradeshows.
We will keep our digital stamps online though.